GAZI Communications is a Data Communications and Network Solutions Provider that offers innovative IP Based infrastructural solutions to its customers at Bangladesh. We are the largest Data communications with MPLS VPN player and have been the front-runner in provisioning and managing wide area networks for various industry verticals. We provide Network integration (NI), corporate Data Connectivity (with MPLS VPNs and Internet) anywhere anytime, infrastructure management services and IT consulting services to enterprises.

GAZI Communications has innovatively deployed a countrywide own VSAT network using state of the art own iDirect (Licensed) HUB with AsiaSat - the worlds invincible Satellite Operator has successfully bridged the large digital divide that existed in rural connectivity in Bangladesh as well as Globally. We are the only Service Provider who provides customers end-to-end connectivity services including network integration, bandwidth as well as managed services. This unique combination of services is what distinguishes GAZI Communications from its competitors.

No matter where you are or what your existing network, we will provide you Fast, Reliable and Economical WAN connectivity throughout your whole enterprise with offices and branches located nationwide. Our service is designed to manage your communications via Satellite quickly, simply and economically, and above all independently from any terrestrial communication lines. We offer Standard C-Band Two-way Broadband communication that can grow as your company does - and you can't imagine just how Reliable, Economical and Easy to use Satellite can be!