GAZI Communications VSAT Technology represents a cost effective solution for users seeking a Secured & Independent communications network connecting a number of remote sites. We offer value-added Satellite-based services capable of supporting the Data, LAN, Video communications, and can provide Powerful, Dependable & Quality private and public network communications.
Our Satellite communication provides reliable digital Data communication and the use of VSAT provides the ability to expand capacity and system growth, while maintaining a handle on costs which are closely associated with the increase in capacity or system growth.
  • Separate & Secured Private Network for each corporate clients 
  • Full availability - all sites on the same network
  • Flexible network topology - easy to add, relocate or delete sites
  • Transmission costs not distance dependent as with terrestrial networks
  • Predictable costs & One point of contact for all network issues
  • More cost-effective & more robust Data Network than Radio/WiMAX for remote locations
  • Performance is insensitive to terrain or distance
  • Proven technology, 99.7% reliable throughout the year
  • The downtime is minimum since the network is under full control
  • Unaffected by external disturbances & natural disaster like Flood, Earthquake etc. During Tsunami VSAT was the only means of communication
  • VSAT network are highly scalable as per the customer requirement. Addition of new site /relocation is quick and cost effective
  • As per the customer requirement for occasional Videoconference or heavy data transfer, Bandwidth can be made available On-Demand
  • Terrestrial network costing is based upon the distance. Hence in large network implementation the VSAT solution becomes cost effective
  • Ability to create Real Private IP Network. Hence more secured, the terrestrial networks are public network carrying different traffic
  • Unmatched Security and Reliability for sensitive communications  

Our WAN has a huge expandable feature in terms of adding any number of new nodes or upgrading the offered bandwidth capacity. Client's can add virtually any number of new Branch/SME/ATM (s) to the proposed WAN. The iDirect Satellite Earth Station is modular and capable of accommodating virtually unlimited number of VSAT to the network. Bandwidth capacity is also very flexible, which is more than sufficient for any kind of modern application including VoIP & Video Conferencing in addition time needed to set up Bandwidth on Demand can be less than only a few minutes. Standard C-Band with iDirect installations generally takes less than a few hours. To integrate the system with your LAN, we simply require a standard Ethernet 10/100 Mbps LAN interface. Once service is activated, it can be proactively monitored 24x7 to provide rapid fault resolution and maximum service uptime.